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The geographic location of a place is very vital, and among the things, you need to evaluate carefully when making a decision to buy a residential property. Most importantly, you probably know that the part of the country you live has a major impact on your lifestyle. Avida Settings Alviera is a perfect place to call home for all the fantastic reasons. Located at Alviera’s center, this house & lot property is right next to the major places of work, schools, and commercial centers among other essential centers. Avida Settings Alviera meets all these requirements. It’s, therefore, the best place because it meets all the aspects you would want to consider including:

Geographic Location

Avida Settings Alviera offers you proximity to the capital of Pampanga, the great Angels City, San Fernando City and many other commercial centers to meet all your needs. The area also has beautiful scenery that makes it a great tourist attraction center.

School District

If you have family and you would like to give your kids the best education, then you need to invest in this great house & lot property. You won’t have to spend your money taking them to schools far away from home. Once you are in this rapidly growing center, you’ll easily access prominent schools.


For many people, safety is a major consideration. Well, Avida Settings Alviera and its environs are highly secure and will no doubt give you the peace of mind you need at home. Above all, the Alviera community is friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Proximity to Leisure and Recreational Places

Sandbox, a renowned recreation and leisure park is within Alvieara, and you can easily access from this area. You won’t be yearning for holidays to travel to recreational centers. Once you have a house in Avida Settings, you have access to a world-class leisure park.

Potential Neighbors

Avida Settings Alviera is located in a neighborhood that’s known for peace and development. You will not complain or find the lifestyles of people here to be strange or unsuitable for you. If you prefer living near people who are like you, then you’ll will friends here since it’s a perfect mix of diverse cultures.

Selecting this location is, indeed, the best decision you’ll ever make. It’s an excellent place to call home now and in the future. You, however, need to take action immediately before you are late. Since this is a growing area, everyone is rushing to get something. It’s just a matter of time before you hear that all the available house units are sold. Join other investors now and be part of the many activities that are taking place in Alviera. More people have been coming to this great site because there’s a lot to do here. You can’t give your family any other good living environment than what you will get in Avida Settings Alviera. Everything including space is just okay for you. Seize this opportunity and live in the best location that has everything you need.

Landmarks :

  • 1 hr 15 mins from Quezon City
  • 5 mins from Clark
  • 20 mins from Angeles City
  • 45 mins from Subic
  • 500 meters from Sandbox
  • 12km to Clark South Exit (SCTEX)
  • 20km to Clark International Airport
Avida Settings Alviera Location

Situated at the center of Alviera, your new community is a hallmark of accessibility. Lifestyle essentials are only an average of 20 minutes away from your home. Whether it’s for work, education, retail or recreation, Alviera and Porac will provide you with selections from the latest innovations and from the bounty of the Earth itself.

Avida Settings Alviera is also accessible from SCTEX. With a transport hub and Clark International airport in the vicinity, your options for going places are as plenty as you need them to be.

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