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Whether you want to buy your first property for resale later or you are searching for a place to make it your home, you need to keep an eye out for essential amenities. You need to be keen here because facilities and amenities are the perfect parameters that will help you commit your resources to a worthwhile investment. While you can make your home look nice, your living environment will not be perfect without all the essential facilities and amenities that make living enjoyable.

Avida Settings Alviera is a residential development within the Alviera Township where you are sure of having easy access to all the amenities you want. If you have been to this area in the recent past, you’ll agree with us that, indeed, it has transformed into a modern living community with all the necessary facilities. Once you are in this beautiful area that’s adorned with numerous scenic mountains, you’ll live the life you have always wished to live. Indeed, Alviera is a master-planned community that combines nature and urban setting. To paint a picture of what it means to get a house & lot in this place, here are the amenities you and your family will enjoy:

•    Spacious Children’s Play Area

•    Clubhouse

•    Modern Kiddie and Adult Pools

•    A Jogging Path

•    Basketball Court

•    Central Park

•    And Many Others

In addition to the above facilities, many other developments are also going on in the area. That’s why looking for a home in this area is very exciting. If you get a space here and do everything possible to make your house look good, the dream home you’ve always had in mind will become a reality. All houses are built nicely and have all you need. Howeever, it won’t cause any harm to add a few things that will customize your home. Your friends and visitors should read something about you when they visit your place. Therefore, add unique stuff as much as possible. You’ll make your place the best that will be admired by everyone. That’s the meaning of having a perfect home. Avida Settings Alviera is the best place to acquire and develop such a home.

The setting is carefully planned to give the residents access to world renowned sites and centers. For instance, the world-renowned Sandbox is at the doorstep of this fantastic property. Moreover, prominent schools and universities are within reach from Alviera. Medical and commercial centers are also not left out. That’s why we can comfortably say that this is the next growth center that will be attracting every developer’s attention. Indeed, there’s so much to do in this area that’s becoming popular among tourists. There’s a lot to do and see especially the old gems and the new developments that are shaping up the area into a new attractive residential and commercial center. Don’t miss to see Alviera’s urban innovations and natural features you might not have seen in the past. Decide what type of house you need at buy it right away.

  • Adult and kiddie pools
  • Clubhouse
  • Children’s play area
  • Central park
  • Jogging path
  • Basketball court
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